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Photography & Art

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There are straightforward dishes cooked by your mom, which you enjoy all your life. There are sophisticated once-in-a-lifetime dishes prepared by skilled chefs. And then there are culinary experiments, usually made by inept cooks, which halt briefly in your stomach before they end in the sewer.

That being said, the photographs in my exhibition are for those who love their moms.


I am a cameraman and a geologist should you want to read the diplomas hanged on the wall, but photography is what I do

I had another exhibition at the National Museum of Art as well as other group exhibitions in Romania and abroad

I also got some awards, yet they are not important as I hardly participated in any photography competitions, except for those where others forced me to go

I shot "Invitatie la masa" ("Invitation to Dinner"), a short film that won some national and international awards (such as the Grand Prize and the Critics' Award at the 2000 Cinemaiubit International Film Festival, 1st Prize at the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films)

I worked for virtually every glossy magazine in Romania (Cosmopolitan, Elle, FHM, Unica, Olivia, Exces, etc.) and quite a few international ad agencies (I won't name them as no sponsorship was provided by them for this exhibition either)

I'm 30, I have a kid and a significant other, I did my stint in the army and I have no plans to live elsewhere.

E-mail: [email protected].